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FreeLink Wireless Irrigation Systems

FreeLink™ is a true license free 100% wireless irrigation control system for New, Retrofit and Supplemental Golf, Commercial or Agricultural irrigation installations. The universal system design is compatible to all major irrigation sprinklers and valves such as:

Irrigation Manufactures, Professional and Designers have understood the benefits, savings and advantages of radio and pager technologies connected to their field satellites and field controllers for years.

But without the last wireless link completed to the sprinkler or valve the true benefits, savings and advantages of 100% wireless irrigation system had not been realized.

Now with FreeLink's proven License-Free 100% Wireless Irrigation Control System, eliminating all the buried communication, power and control wires from the ground level Sprinkler and Valve all the way to the Freelink™ Wireless Central Controller, the real benefits, savings and advantages of a 100% wireless irrigation system is now available.

FreeLink Wireless Irrigations Systems save time and money!

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